Build Your Minimum Viable Design 👁️‍🗨️

Build Your Minimum Viable Design 👁️‍🗨️

The need for good great design

Several businesses forget how essential it is for their brand to have a unique look and feel. They jump into launching products without a strong design base, only to find themselves confused when rapid growth occurs.


As businesses grow and scale, maintaining visual consistency becomes imperative for brand recall and trustworthiness. But all too often, this isn’t the case.

To combat this, BCKDRP developed the Minimum Viable Design. Through this, we can help you set up a design system that can grow with your brand, providing clarity even at scale.

A solid visual identity lets young organisations be perceived accurately by their core audience. A good design system brings focus to creative teams and creates consistency across platforms.

Process Breakdown 📝

Phase 1: Mood Boards & Stylescapes

  • Discussions with key leadership and visionary members about the brand’s story—its attributes, personality, pillars, voice and tone, inspirations, references, and competitors.
  • Narrow down on stylescapes that suit the brand as per all of the above.

Outcome: A run-through of your brand and its story. We’ll get a solid understanding of the landscape, products, and potential impact that can be translated into your brand’s design.

Phase 2: Tone of Voice & Colours

  • Delve deeper into the Tone and Voice of the brand as per the target audiences, brand goals, and attributes. Identify the best colours that represent the brand based on the insights from Phase 1.
  • Identify a primary and secondary colour palette for the brand from the insights collected, along with developing guidelines for colour usage.


Outcome: Acquire the most well-suited primary and secondary colour palette that represents your brand’s values and mission.

Phase 3: Logo & Typography

  • Delve deeper into key brand principles, attributes, stories, and other sources of inspiration for ideas that best represent a visually appealing logo for your brand.
  • Use insights of Phase 1 and 2 to narrow down on typefaces that complement the logo. We’ll identify and recommend how each typeface will visually play out in various instances of design.


Outcome: Construct your brand’s logo and acquire guidelines on how to use it so as to promote maximum brand recall. Determine primary, secondary and tertiary fonts, and identify all instances of usage.

Phase 4: Visual Elements

  • Identify and develop a range of visual elements that compliment the logo and typeface, that can be used in various types of communication.
  • Develop guidelines for the usage of all visual assets to maximise their use while remaining consistent.


Outcome: Develop your brand’s most suited visual elements that can be used across various communication touchpoints.

Phase 5: Design in Action

  • Presentation of the brand’s design in action and recommendations.
  • Final handover, feedback, and closing.



Outcome 🎁

At the end of the program, you walk away with:

  • Your MVD Framework: A customised document of the entire MVD framework in the context of your brand. Includes all the prime entities needed to start your brand’s design journey.
  • Design Guidelines: A list of tenets for your design to grow along that are most applicable and relevant to your brand.
  • Design Mockups: Transformation in design as per the industry/brand/trends/TGs — see how your brand’s design will evolve in relevant spaces.

Find the case study for an MVD we built here.

Don’t just hear it from us 🗣

“The MVD is an impactful design framework. From strategy to identities to systems, BCKDRP’s team has truly mastered their craft. You’re in for a top-notch experience.” — Kunj Parekh, Product & Design, Luma
“Every early-stage company needs to get this off the ground. These frameworks and systems are crucial to success today.” — Yohan Sudheer, Co-founder, Nack, fishHook

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FAQs 🤔

Who is this program for?
  • Early-stage startups creating their design fundamentals.
  • Startups that are facing a pivot and are in the process of rebranding their visual identity.
  • Scaling startups that need to make their initial design more relevant to existing customers.
  • Intrapreneurs trying to build or rebuild their look and feel within their organisation.
How do I know I need a visual design system?

According to us, everyone does — even at the earliest stages of product and brand development. The sooner you understand your design fundamentals, the sooner you can leverage their power.

How many people is this program geared towards?

We recommend a maximum of 3 stakeholders per company. The process is designed to be interactive, but we prefer to keep discussions clear and to the point.

What if I already have my visual design in place but want to know more?

That’s great! We often find that while some are quick to adopt surface-level visual elements as a strategy, they jump to execution before chalking out their full potential. If you only have expressions of your brand, we recommend the MVD anyway. In doing so, you may refresh your perspective, create the most optimum assets, and clarify the long-term vision for your design.

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